Capital Campaign

Owning our own facility has long been a dream of Mountain Valley Horse Rescue (MVHR). The number of horses MVHR now accommodates on a regular basis, coupled with the number of people who rely on MVHR’s programs, make it essential that MVHR have a facility free from any short or long term insecurity. With the facility we are currently leasing now on the market, time is of the essence to ensure that these programs, healing and educating both horses and humans, have a home.

MVHR ideally seeks a turnkey horse property of at least 40 acres, with undeveloped aspects in addition to horse facilities. A location within Eagle County, close to the I-70 corridor to allow accessibility for volunteers, program participants, and the public is critical. A number of horse properties have been identified as possible locations.

Make a gift that will last forever in the hearts of both horses and humans. In order to secure and maintain a suitable property in Eagle County, it is estimated that $2 million will need to be raised. All donors to the Capital Campaign will be recognized on site and donations of any size are appreciated and helpful.

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