Operating Fund
It costs an average of $300 a month to provide for the basic needs of one horse. This does not include luxuries like winter blankets and new halters. Most horses that come to MVHR will be in our care for a year before they are fully recovered, ready, and able to find a suitable adoptive home. Many will stay with us the remainder of their lives, as health, physical issues, or age make them difficult to find homes for. Unlike dog and cat shelters, horse rescues receive no federal, state, or local funding for the services they provide to their community. We rely completely on YOU to make a difference in the lives of these noble creatures. They have been through so much, yet are so willing to forgive and move on, if we can give them the time and space they need. Please consider a gift to our operating fund. Every penny helps us help the horses. Donations made be made in honor or memory of a loved one or pet. Gifts may be designated for specific purposes, and even for specific animals. And no gift is too small. For just $5 we can feed a horse for a day! Donate today!