Other Horses Needing Homes


Dolly02wDolly01w Dolly is coming up on 3 years old. I would part with her for the right home. I've definitely grown very attached and called in love with that little horse..... but I know that there is someone else out there that can give her more  attention,time and love then myself right now.

Attached is a photo for your records of John's bill so you can see what he did meds wise and it has his contact info at the top. Of course I took care of it with him, but I wanted you to have an actual record so you knew exactly what was done. John is great and anyone that wants to speak to him is more then welcome to call him.

Again, thank you for ALL that you do. The world wouldn't be the same without folks like you and your entire team!

Josh Meacham



sopo02wSopo is a five year old gelding with the proper papers to join the Spanish Mustang Registry. Not a BLM! Sopo is a little timid but not a kicker. He's only been in the saddle four times. Sopo is easy to catch, loads, and stands for the farrier. He is not going to work out for my girl. He has never been in a stall and would not do well in a barn. I have paper work for shots worming just last weekend. No health issues and blemish free. He needs a confident rider with time to give. If some one wanted to visit him no problem, I live in Bailey, CO.

Ralph Farwell