Volunteer Spotlight: Erin

Our ranch and our horses rely heavily on the support of our gracious volunteers. This month, we're highlighting one of our outstanding volunteers, Erin Carriel.

Erin is originally from Carmel, Calif. but has lived in Colorado for seven years and in Eagle County since 2015. She has three grown children, two grandchildren, four dogs, three retired horses, two cats and a 30-year-old African Grey Parrot - and still finds time to help out on our ranch!

Erin started volunteering at MVHR in 2015, during a volunteer day with her employer, the Sonnenalp Hotel in Vail. Since then, she has helped with our Horse Heroes program and other volunteer days at the ranch. She also feeds and mucks stalls once a week, and always makes time to groom horses and give them some extra love while she is here. 

Erin says she volunteers with us because working with the horses is good for the soul, and that by the time she leaves the rescue, all of the week's worries and stresses are wiped away. She goes on to say that she knows these horses need us and that by volunteering she feels she is making a difference in their lives. We couldn't agree more!

Erin, who grew up around horses and participated in Pony Club as a youngster, and has three retired trail horses. "Working with horses is magical," says Erin. "It doesn't matter if it's a 10-year-old or 50-year-old, people love horses and horses love to be loved by people. Realizing that they recognize you when you drive up, as they wait for their treat or a scratch behind their ear... that's the most rewarding part of volunteering at MVHR." 

When asked which horse on the ranch is her favorite, Erin responded that she loves that all, but that Roman's personality, Atir's sense of adventure, Sparky's demand for pets, Maddy's gentle ways, Jackie's acceptance of everyone, Blondie's huge gentle presence, Convict's behavior as the perfect gentleman, Chance's cross, Montana & Gabby The Mule, funny Jasper, and the beautiful Mustangs are just a few highlights for her! 

And if you happen to come across Erin while visiting the ranch it might be helpful to know that she is a diehard Yankees fan!

Kate Peters