Mountain Valley Horse Rescue helps every horse that we can, one horse at a time, and that includes horses who are not here at our ranch but still in need of a home. Below is a partial list of horses MVHR has been contacted about that are in need of homes, with the contact person for each horse listed. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact MVHR for information about others we may know about that could be your new member of the family!


Nevada is a 16yr Tobiano quarter horse. She was originally a Sombero horse. Sold young to someone who worked for Steamboat Lake Outfitters. My husband bought her from them when they sold to Hahns Peak Roadhouse. I believe she had gone to hunt camp as well as being a babysitter for dudes and children's trail rides. She's happy to be a follower. She is not nearly as friendly as Utah, but her only vise is that she will NOT be tied up. She'll pull back and break her halter if she is. As long as her head is free, and has plenty to eat, she's happy. She's an easy keeper (i.e. Big Girl) year round. Also 16 hands. Her hooves can be a bit of a problem as they are soft. If not trimmed regularly they tend to grow fast and break too short. Besides a lump on her neck (vet diagnosed several years ago as a non-malignant melanoma), she has no other health concerns. Contact Barbara for more information.


This 20 year old is a registered thoroughbred, black point bay, broke to ride in open desert and round pen, but has never been on any more difficult trails. He is sound and has a slight deformity on one hoof from an old injury, but it never seems to bother. He is very laid back for his breed and has lots of personality. Contact Randi (970)254-8588


13 year old OTTB, not raced for the last 8 years. Rides western mostly and should not be jumped. Most likely too slow for barrels or roping. No known vices, genuine nice guy who ties, loads, good for farrier and vet. Needs annual dental care as he does like to grow hooks. Does best in front shoes due to thin soles and low heels. Rides in a snaffle with more “whoa than go”. Comfortable living outside either alone or in a herd. Extensive ground work training with the Clinton Anderson method. We are not asking for any money but good long term home is a must. Contact Lindsay at for more information.



Star is an older Quarter horse mare who is in good shape. She has previously foundered but has recovered and is totally rideable. She has 3 easy gaits and very simple and safe to ride. This one would be perfect for the beginners or timid riders. Contact Kat for more information at


Midnight is about 12 to 13 years old. Current owners have had him for 2 years now. (Picture is from 2 years ago.) He had a stroke in September 2017 and can no longer do the work of a dude horse. Owner would love see him go to a good home and be a good companion. He is with our herd up in Walden, CO. He would need to be picked up from there.
Contact Shane or Darlene 303-350-0085 / 970-355-9541


Utah is 28 and should probably be retired, though I have not had a vet confirm that. He apparently had a broken hip at one point, and tends to stifle lock. When a youngster, he was purchased at an auction in Utah by Routt Co. brand inspector Darren Cleaver. He is part thoroughbred. Darren used him as the Header in team roping for many years ... until one day Utah refused to go near cows. He then was passed around to several different casual trail riders for a few years, until landing with me 10 years ago. When we both could ride, he was great. Has a fast walk, alert and steady. He bucked a few times with me - Once when I tried to take him out alone. And a couple other times when someone took off running in front of us. He wants to be the leader, and he'll catch up fast, bucking if held back. Because of this, and the fact that he can spin on a dime, I'm not sure I would recommend him to children. He's also tall at 16 hands. He's like a big puppy dog tho. Follows us around and checks our pockets for treats. Super easy to catch. Comes by calling his name. He tends to lose weight in winter unless blanketed. Contact Barbara for more information.


Rambo has chronic founder going on and needs recovery time before being ready for regular riding. He is a handsome, stout quarter horse type, who could be a lovely horse given the proper recovery and management. Contact Kat for more information at

Dude horses

These handsome Belgians and cute riding horses have all worked for a living most of their lives, and are ready for retirement! Contact Brian at Maroon Bells Guide and Outfitter at for more information about these gentle horses!


Moqui needs a home where he can receive attention and love. With some groundwork and a few rides again from an experienced rider, he could be used for some therapy and makes a good companion horse. Contact Ginny Harrington for more information

PATCHES   Patches is a gelding and an easy keeper with good feet.  He is friendly and loves attention especially carrots.  He is halter broke but not a good rider anymore.  Feel free to call with any questions.  I am happy to deliver him.  Scott 970.376.5822


Patches is a gelding and an easy keeper with good feet.  He is friendly and loves attention especially carrots.  He is halter broke but not a good rider anymore.  Feel free to call with any questions.  I am happy to deliver him. Scott 970.376.5822


Looking for a home for my 14-year-old Hanoverian gelding. My reason for sale is that I recently moved to Atlanta, Ga for a job and Dante is still in Steamboat Springs, CO. I wish I could move him but I do not have the funds.

For a little background, Dante was imported from Grasberg, Germany in 2008. He comes from the sire Davignon and Dam Marina. Unfortunately, Dante experienced a suspensory injury in 2013 and is now retired.

That being said, Dante would be perfect for someone who wants a smooth horse to walk around or trail ride. His ground manners are perfect and he loves to please his rider. Dante would also be a great pasture mate as he gets along with all horses.

For Sale for $3500, please contact Julia at