Volunteer Spotlight: Julia

Meet Julia, our volunteer of the month!

Julia has been living and working in the Vail Valley for nearly 40 years, and started volunteering with MVHR about six years ago. 

Originally from Illinois and now living with her husband Richard in Eagle, Julia owns and operates Vail Private Home Care Property Management. Over the years she has worked in Sales and Marketing for Vail Resort Association, Vail Resorts (then Vail Associates), and many resort hotels.  

Bonnie, the first rescue horse she met, was her introduction to starved and neglected horses. Bonnie had just arrived the day before Julia came to the rescue for the first time, starved to skin and bones with no mane or tail. Watching her grow back into a strong, filled out, beautiful horse with personality to match had her hooked, and totally in love. (Bonnie was adopted by MVHR trainer Alecz Adams and now has a wonderful forever home) . 

Julia's advice on the best way to get to know the horses and all that goes with it on a daily basis? SCOOP POOP! This, she stresses, is one of the most important jobs at the rescue.  Though not very popular with some, there is no better way to hang with horses and get to know them in between scoops!

Julia grew up with and has always loved horses, since she was old enough to sit on a pony by herself. She has always had a favorite horse on the MVHR ranch and one in particular that she fell in love with upon first meeting was Forbidden Union, a 12-year old off the track Thoroughbred with personality plus. Her adoption of Union was official on March 9, 2017.  She boards Union at MVHR to keep her connection with the rescue end of the operation.  She loves MVHR and loves being an advocate for the ranch's continued success.

Thank you for all you've done for Union, and all you do for ALL of the horses who need at home at MVHR, Julia!

Amy Ben-Horin