Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie

We are so proud this month to highlight Leslie Robertson as our volunteer of the month for February.

After growing up in the south and attending college at the University of Kansas, Leslie moved to the Vail Valley in 1995. As the marketing manager for the Lodge at Lionshead, Leslie is keenly tuned into the valley and the wonderful people and organizations at its core. She began volunteering with MVHR in December of 2014 as a way to connect strongly with her love of animals. As she puts it, “If I volunteered at the local Humane Society I would want to bring all the dogs and cats home with me. Since I have nowhere to keep a horse, I knew I did not need to worry about that at MVHR! I also had not been around horses for years, and wanted to get to know them again.”

Without a strong background with horses growing up, outside of the occasional trail ride, Leslie loves being able to interact with horses and learn more about how to “be” around them. For Leslie, "it’s so interesting to see how my energy affects theirs and vice versa." After falling in love with the peace and quiet - a great break after a busy week at her job, Leslie became the regular Friday night feeding volunteer in 2015.

Prior to joining MVHR as a volunteer, Leslie was a volunteer for the Vail Mountain Rescue Group for 11 years, to which she says, “I’ve gone from rescuing people to rescuing animals!”

Thanks, Leslie for everything you do to ensure the health and happiness of our horses and our organization.

Amy Ben-Horin