March Adult Clinic

Sharing our love of horses in our new adult clinic

Last Saturday, March 17, Mountain Valley Horse Rescue was thrilled to host our first adult clinic of the year to help develop horsemanship skills. Our Round-pen and Groundwork adult clinic took 10 participants through a workshop to help individuals interested in horses to become more comfortable and confident around our horses, learn skills to better read and trust a horse, and connect with a horse through hands-on training and experience.

For attendees, some of the important lessons from the session included:

  • Accepting the limitations of a given horse on a particular day, and reading their mood, emotions and actions to better connect as a handler/rider
  • Learning skills and techniques to build a stronger trust and bond with the horse
  • Being present for the journey and interaction with the horse, including practicing patience with the horse throughout the process

For all of us at MVHR, it was incredible to share our love for horses with an excited and passionate group of adults. The clinic helped to foster a love and respect for horses that all of us involved in MVHR have come to appreciate so dearly.

Our next clinic will be in May and we will be focusing on the development of skills, around the ASPCA's Help a Horse Day goal of horse adoption. Stay tuned for more information soon!

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