Volunteer Spotlight: Heather

Heather celebrated her 7th anniversary of volunteering at MVHR on April 29th, and has contributed so much during her time at the rescue. She spent 5 years on the MVHR board and continues to cover regular feeding shifts and help with youth programs when she can. She also brings around 30 of her students and co-workers from Colorado Mountain College to volunteer once a year in celebration of national TRIO Day.

A Colorado native, Heather’s mother was a horse trainer and she grew up riding hunter/ jumper and eventually competitive trail. She moved to Eagle County almost 10 years ago, and after many years of being horseless was excited to learn about volunteer opportunities at MVHR.  “I was missing horses and really needing some animal therapy, and my boyfriend (now husband) brought me an article about the rescue.” The first horse she worked with was a big powerful mare named Bayleigh who was “incredible, but also a challenge.” After that, she was hooked.

Heather never gets bored when she is at the barn and loves getting to spend time outside in such a beautiful place. She has special bonds with Roman and Sally, but enjoys spending time with all of our herd. As she puts it, “I am grateful to have grown up with horses, but I'm also grateful that I can spend time with so many horses now that I don't own any. It's much cheaper!”  

Congratulations Heather, and thank you for everything you do to ensure our horses have the best care and opportunities for a bright future! 

Amy Ben-Horin