Mustang update

We make a promise to all of these horses that come to us that they can come back to us forever. Once a horse has set foot at Mountain Valley Horse Rescue, they’re good for the rest of their lives.” - Shana Devins, MVHR Executive Director

With the support of donors, who helped sponsor their transportation, four mustangs came to Mountain Valley Horse Rescue, after being seized by the County and found in a state of near-starvation, to the promise of love, comfort and protection for the rest of their lives. After traveling through snowstorms and icy roads to get here, four beautiful mares arrived home safe on December 9, 2016. It’s been quite an adventure with these mustangs since that day. What was supposed to be three mustangs (the fourth ran onto the trailer with the others and how could we say no?) then became five, as Star gave birth to little Woodrow on April 24. We’ve enjoyed watching Woodrow grow under the protection of not only his mother, but his corral-mates and loyal protectors Gabi, Chanel and Cekka, who all share in the task of nurturing and looking out for him as he continues to thrive. Cekka continues training, is now halter broke and is beginning ground work in the round pen. Gabi was adopted and has headed off to Minnesota to being her life as a dressage and hunter/jumper prospect. And Woodrow is getting huge! As we move into fall, he will be gelded and weaned as he continues to grow. 


Kate Peters