Meet Amy

Meet Amy Ben-Horin! Amy joined the MVHR team earlier in 2017, to help elevate our education programs and opportunities while building advocacy around why our rescue is important, and how our horses and the community can benefit one another.

Amy holds a Master’s degree in Education, with a focus on Environmental and Adventure Education, and has worked with preschool-aged children through college, helping foster relationships between parent and child, and horse and child.

This fall, Amy launched MVHR’s Mini Horse Heroes program, and will continue this program in the spring with 3 to 5 year-olds. Mini Horse Hero students help out around the ranch, while also learning language arts, math, social studies and PE/movement skills. They’ll learn to write and recognize horse names and symbols, sort brushes and groom, and walk the horses. The sessions are all part of a curriculum based on Colorado Department of Education standards and kindergarten readiness, and parents and students both love the interaction with our horses!

Other programs Amy has launched and will continue to host this spring include service and educational days with several schools and homeschoolers throughout the region, Rescue Club (High school students meet once a month at MVHR and are responsible for creating an advocacy project to raise awareness or funds about the rescue) and Horse Heroes (programs that create connections between students and horses, with a focus on perseverance, communications and other related skills).

Amy is thrilled to continue building MVHR’s education offerings in the spring, along with a variety of summer programs that will pick back up in 2018, and encourages parents, teachers and other educators to contact her directly to learn more.

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