Drought Update


Seeing the haze and hearing reports of fires elsewhere in our state reminds us all of just how dangerous and devastating a drought can be for our communities. The threat of wildfire is a real and constant concern, made even more worrisome by excessively dry conditions.  Being prepared for that scary possibility of having to evacuate 30+ horses in a short amount of time is daunting. Here at MVHR, we have procedures in place, a list of people we can call upon for help, and recent investments in breakaway halters and name tags for every horse in case evacuation becomes necessary.

Did you know that drought conditions have other impacts on our horses and our rescue?

Hay prices have already sky rocketed, and availability at any price may become an issue if drought persists.  This hits us two-fold. Once, as we try to feed the horses already in our care, and a second time as our phone begins to ring from other people who are struggling to feed their horses.

Want to know how you can help? Every dollar donated to our rescue makes a difference. We’re also continuing to raise funds for a stackyard, which will keep our horses safely fed and our hay protected from mold and weather.

In times of crisis, it is the power of community that pulls us all through. We hope our community and other communities across Colorado stay safe in these dry conditions, but will continue our hard work and preparations to keep these horses safe.


Kate Peters