Help us make room for more horses in need

We count ourselves lucky to have 36 horses currently under our care. These horses bring joy to all who work, volunteer and visit here, and many of these horses participate in our youth programming and other events at the ranch.

The downside is that we simply cannot take on any more horses right now. And our waitlist currently stands at more than 40 horses, all located within a roughly 50 mile-radius of Mountain Valley Horse Rescue. These horses need a second chance.

Horses come to us, or join our waitlist, for a variety of reasons. But conditions of late have compounded the problem. Last summer’s drought brought higher hay prices, feed and board costs, meaning some owners are no longer able to care for their horse. Many horses under our care and on our waitlist also have special needs, and may be mature with limited training, older, or with health or physical issues that require more, and more costly, care.

The good news is, we do have a couple of adoptions in process, and as they finalize we will be in a position to reach out and try to help horses on our waitlist with the most critical needs.

Want to know how you can help? Please take a moment to check out the list of horses in our area looking for a new opportunity to be loved and cared for. You can also review the horses currently under our care who are eligible for adoption (as indicated in their bios). Please share these links with anyone you may know who is in a position to help.

Adopting a horse is a big commitment and one that we know not everyone can manage. If you cannot adopt, but still wish to help, ever dollar donated makes an impact to our rescue and challenge rising costs we must surmount in order to care for each and every one of our horses. Additionally, we host volunteer orientations on the third Saturday of each month, and community volunteer days on the first Saturday of each month. An extra set of hands goes a long way in providing the love and care that each and every one of our 36 horses requires on a day-to-day basis. 

Thank you for opening your hearts to our rescue and doing your part to help us care for as many horses as we can this winter.


Kate Peters