MVHR horses head into battle

"Battle on the Rockies," a horse show exclusively for rescue horses, is coming to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo March 1-2, and MVHR is proud to have some of our very own participating this year!

The concept of the show is to showcase adopted horses, and give adopters an opportunity to show their horses who, as rescues, don't often have the "pedigree" to compete in breed specific shows.

The show includes one class for "adoptable" horses, and Joel Aguilar will be competing with Chanel and Melody as MVHR's two "adoptables.” The MVHR team is rounded out by amateur owners competing in the non-pro class with horses they adopted from MVHR:

  • Kathryn Middleton and Elle 

  • Jami Polzin and Perry

  • Steven Crawford and Indy

  • Jes Crawford and Buffalo

All six horses will compete in two events: a trail class in which they complete a pattern involving multiple obstacles requiring great partnership and trust between horse and rider as they must navigate with precision unusual objects that each present challenges to both horse and rider; and a ranch riding class which is a riding pattern demonstrating the responsiveness, partnership, and various gaits of the horses.

This show is a big deal for our owners/adopters, who will transport these winter-hairy horses down to Denver, and for the horses who will be in a large and busy arena.  Simply attending will be an especially huge accomplishment for our adoptable girls, who have never been to anything resembling such an event, and are still in their recovery process.

Please join us in wishing them well! If you are interested in contributing to this exciting effort, contact us to learn more about sponsoring the teams we are sending, to help offset the cost of registration, travel and training.

And watch for features on each horse and rider pair on the MVHR Facebook page, leading up to the event.

The event is sponsored by The Right Horse Initiative, Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance, and The Colorado Horse Council.


Kate Peters